Ways to Tighten Your Vagina

The vagina works wonder, as a child can come out from such small space, which as strange as it may sound the vagina can probably be called where every source of life of humans started. But as time goes on your vagina might feel loose, especially after pregnancy and childbirth which is one of the primary reason on a loose vagina. So how do we deal with a loose vagina? Worry no further, here we have listed several ways on how to tighten your vagina, make sure to read this article to find out more about it.

Creams for vagina

It is a blessing to live in this modern time, as these days there’s a lot of creams that claim to tighten the vagina naturally without any side effects. One particular brand is V-Tight, which claims to tighten the vagina, check this blog over here to read this accurate V-Tight gel review.

Tip: although they are safe to use, always consult with your doctor or gynecologist about using a vaginal cream or even pills.

Healthy diet

Although it sounds impossible, nutritional intervention has been proven as one of the ways to tighten your vagina. Consuming foods that are high in estrogen can also help to feed your pelvic muscle correctly, these foods can range from soybean, carrots, apples, sesame seeds, pomegranates, and many more, but make sure that you eat everything in moderation. Make sure to research a well-planned healthy diet on the Internet, mostly aiming to strengthen your inner muscle.

Tip: always research on what to eat and what not to eat. Ask around to professionals or certified health instructor regarding your inner muscle strength.


After having a kid, it is inevitable that your vagina will grow loose, there’s a good chance your breast will be saggy as well. Then how do we cope with this? One of the easiest ways to prevent loose vagina is by exercising, specifically yoga. Nowadays many exercises are focused on inner muscle strengths, which are great if you have spare time for exercising. To make things even better, yoga isn’t as exhausting as doing cardio, lifting weights or any other heavy physical activities.

Tip: getting a yoga mat is a good idea, as using the gym’s is dirty, and you don’t know where it’s been. Doing yoga on a floor is not recommended as you can hurt your body, not to mention the floor gets cold during winter.